Export selected tracks as new project

I generally bounce everything out to audio before a mix. Having the ability to export selected tracks as a new project would be much faster and cleaner than deleting all the old unused tracks from my sessions.

To take this a step further it would be super slick to “export selected tracks as new project and convert software instruments to audio files with channel settings”. If there were a preference page for this so you could select default tracks to take with this like tempo track, signature, chord track, marker track, effects returns, etc totally customizable so you could always include these tracks by default along with the content tracks you are working with.

A lot of programming, testing, bug making, bug fixing… to save one minute per week?

There is "create new project " check option on export dialog… But of course only the audio will be there,no other info as far as I know… But I like the idea of option to copy/transfer fx,tempo,etc… To the new created project from export

Just to clarify, This would be ideal under the File / Export / Export selected tracks as new project, then you would get prompted to add default tracks that you could save as a preset so your FX returns, group channels, tempo track, signature track, Marker track would be imported to the new session at the same session start time.