Export Shortcuts and Preferences to DISK

Hi all,
how do I export Shortcuts and Preferences to DISK,
so that I can load them on another computer ?
Is this possible?
Thanks, Frank

By Shortcuts do you mean Key Commands? They are in your Prefs folder, which you should have a shortcut to in your Start Menu (or Mac equivalent). The files are “Key Commands.xml” and “Defaults.xml” but there are several others and you might want to look around in the Presets folder too. You can open these files in a browser and see what they contain before you decide if they’re the ones you want to back up.

It seems you can often swap these files between versions too but be careful.

Thank you for the useful information!
Does anyone know exactly where to find those files on a mac?
can’t seem to find them in the library folders (of both system and user).
Thanks, Frank

I don’t have a Mac so all I can suggest is to do a search.


Mac OS X

Exit Cubase resp. Nuendo.
Open the Finder and go to the folder: Users/Your Username/Library/Preferences/Your Cubase resp. Nuendo version