Export some channels with different file-lengths.

Export some channels with different file-lengths.
I am new to cubase.
(I just bought CubasePro10.5 and have some minor experience with elements10 before).

I want so modify some files let’s say 10 files.

I start a new cubase project and
add 10 audio tracks with these 10 files inserted.

I now modify each track in some way (not the same on all tracks).
Then I export AUDIO CHANNELS (and mark my 10 channels)

But how do I the export the files the same lengt as the original files
(with all 10 files at the same length I can do it)

/Göran Nilsson

That works with Render In Place: Render Selection Dialog

Set up cycle markers for each piece of audio and export between the cycle markers

OK it can not be done.

Can I do it in wavelab ?

It can be done, see my answer above.