Export Song Files With ID Tags

Hi All,
I’ve always been able to export mp3 song files with ID tags with song name, artist, album title etc.
I’ve never seen where you can do the same with exporting a wav file. Is that possible in Cubase?
Thank for your thoughts!



Wave file doesn’t contain these type of information.

Yes, as I look around, I am starting to learn this. My next question is,
How are CD players displaying song names and artists? From what I can see, CDs are formatted with uncompressed song files, which I assumed were wav files. I’ve burned a few different formats including mp3s and wavs using Windows Media Player and all of them just say “track 1, track 2”, etc,
when I play the CD.


This is done by the burning software (WaveLab for example). Here you have to enter the CD Text. It’s not stored in the WAV file.

On the Audio CD there are no WAV files. You are right, it’s uncompressed.

Ok, thanks. I think iTunes has this CD text. WMP doesn’t.