Export sounds different


i did a lot of research on it, but it’s a very complicated problem, and everybody says something different. When i listen my song in cubase and i finished the mix and mastering, it sounds pretty good. But, after the export when i listen the export it sounds very bad : i lose bass, the high is imprecise, and i lose dynamics. It sound like it was over compressed.

After several searches, it’s a very common problem, but impossible to find a solution. Some say that it’s the audio interface issue, others say that it’s a driver issue, or that it’s not all of that.

I tried to listen the song with different software, and not only windows media but it change nothing. But when i listen the export in cubase it sounds good.
My mix has no problem, no clipping. I export in wave, 24 bit, 44.100 khz.
I know that a lot of people asked about this, but no one agrees about the source of the problem, and about the solution.

Do you know what it sounds different after export and how can i fix it ?

Thank you.


As far as I know Windows Media Player cannot play 24bit WAV files back.

What could cause this is that you have different settings in Cubase and in the player. Make sure, there is not EQ (or any other process) enabled on the player. Also make sure there is no plug-in on your monitor bus (if you use Control Room, your Monitor 1 bus in Cubase). If you use Control Room, make also sure, your signal is not doubled (the Stereo Out is set to Not Connected in this case).

How does it sound, if you import the exported WAV back to Cubase?

Hi, did you ever find a solution to this? I’m facing the same problem using Cubase Pro 11 and a Universal Audio Arrow on a Macbook Pro. I’ve tried several different export options but the quality of the audio is severely diminished after I’ve exported it. It sounds like it’s playing back in mono too, yet I have the export settings on “interleaved”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, same problem here. And I believe, that I found solution. When you export, uncheck the Mono Downmix box. Thats it.