Export sounds terrible?!

Hey all,
I have a deadline in literally a couple hours (I’ve left it super last-minute) so any help would be really appreciated!

I’ve been working on a project (48KHz 24 bit) and it sounds good - mixed and everything. When I export it to wav it sounds like total rubbish. I have tried with pretty much every sample rate and bit depth and they all sound the same (within reason) and all have the same issue. There is no clipping and to be sure I have added a brickwall on the master.

Searched everywhere for a solution and it seems many have had it but no answers :confused: Maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’ve configured something wrong but I can’t find anything. I doubt it’s on Steinberg’s end else everyone would have this issue, but maybe it’s a tucked away setting somewhere which someone can enlighten me on.

Cubase Pro 9.5

Thanks, Leo


Could you send a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window?

Did you make the proof listening on the same speakers? How does it sound when you import it back to the project and Solo the exporter track?

Ahhh sorry forgot to check back on this forum (as I posted this issue ion multiple places).
I figured it out - something to do with some dithering setting I had checked.
Really sorry I didn’t get back to you!
Since I’m really helpful… I completely forgot which setting(s) this was (apologies to anyone as this won’t be a whole lot of help for future reference).