Export stems and routing

I have a routing question… It seem that when I export multiple stems via the mixdown function, there is not the option to do insert fx + send fx, in other words, the full path, similar to when render-in-place. Is this correct or am I missing something? If I want to export stems with both the insert fx AND the send fx, do I need to route both the channel output and the send fx output to a new track and then export that as a stem to get the full path similar to render-in-place? The reason I want to do it via the stem path and not keep render-in-place is that export takes a few minutes while rendering in place of every channel in my project can take around 4 hrs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

If you switch to the Channel Selection > Multiple in the Export Audio Mixdown window, you can set the “Effects”. From this drop-down menu choose CSPM, if you want to get the whole signal path to be exported.