Export Stems in Artist 6

Hey folks,
i didn’t find anything about this by searching, so here’s my question:

as far as i remember it was possible in cubase 5 to export all tracks of a project seperatly to create stems for example.
now in cubase artist 6, i can only export single tracks but not tell cubase in the wave export window that it should do this with every track. means: if i want to export stems of more than one project, i’ll sit in front of the computer for hours just by clicking on the track names after each export.

does anybody have a solution for this?

would be great & thanks in advance

Upgrade to Cubase 6 (which you should have done anyway, with a Cubase 5 version - given it wasn´t “a friend´s” version…)

Perhaps he used C5 in college (for instance) and then bought C6 artist?

What about “MEAP”? Does that work in artist?


I don´t know, and I don´t care…

what’s wrong with you? sure i bought it, why would i be here otherwise? i saw 5 on a friends computer some time ago. i did not upgrade from 5, i bought a new 6 artist.

does that mean it is not possible to let cubase do this task?


Like I said, I don´t care.

No that´s just what I said…

It is posssible to let Cubase do this task, it is not possible to let Cubase artist do this task - as also documented in the manual.

Are you going to look into that, Buttheads? - given that thinkingcap says Artist won’t do the job on its own.