Export the full score and individual parts into a single PDF

Hello! I purchased Dorico 5 Pro and would like to know if there are plans to include the function of exporting the score along with the individual parts in a single PDF. Currently, I have to use another application to merge the PDFs, as I sell arrangements online, and they need to be in this format. This additional step adds several hours to my daily workload. Additionally, are there plans to include the function of exporting a video of the score scrolling and playing? This feature would also be very useful and is already available in Sibelius. Thank you for your attention.

Welcome to the forum, Glauco. This is indeed something we plan to do in future, but I can’t say when it will be achieved.

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What app are you using? There are any number of apps where it should just require selecting the files, and clicking; and it should take about two seconds.

As @benwiggy says there are many apps to do this.

Personally I use the free web service Sejda

Your request is very reasonable, but it takes me approximately 60 seconds to combine a score and full orchestral parts into one PDF and save it as a new file. And that’s generous.

I use Ilovepdf directly in the browser. The process is as follows: I export the full score and individual parts to a folder, open the browser next to the folder with the files, select the files, drag and drop them into the ilovepdf tab. I click on “merge pdfs,” then on the download button for the resulting pdf with the merged parts. I click and drag the new file to the folder where I want to save it, and then I rename it. Each file takes about 1 minute. It may seem like a short time, but not when I have to do it about a hundred times. If you know of an application that could be faster, I would love to know.

Note: I am not fluent in English, so I am using the GPT chat to translate from Portuguese. Please forgive any confusion.

Unfortunately, not when we need to do this hundreds of times

Any website service will be much slower than software running directly on your machine. (And you can never be sure that they don’t keep your PDFs for some purpose.)

If you are on a Mac, then combining PDFs is built-in. Select your files, right click, and under “Quick Actions”, choose “Create PDF”.

There are also these utilities from Scoring Notes, for both Mac and Windows:

A quick web search will also bring up hundreds of other apps. There are also things like python scripts that can be configured to your requirements.


You’re very welcome. I’ll follow your tips and look for a better solution while this isn’t a native function in Dorico 5. It’s not very understandable, we can agree, since it would be such a simple feature and is even present in less powerful software. But I love Dorico; after testing others, I consider it the best.