Export time-stamped stems from Cubase for Pro Tools import?


I haven’t had any luck in exporting time-stamped stems from Cubase yet. I have tried several options (insert Broadcast Wave Chunk, etc), but no matter what I do the files do not seem to import correctly into Pro Tools. Also, when I browse the files in other audio editor, it seems that there’s no time-stamp information embedded into the files.

The workaround is to open Pro Tools, import the audio, manually line up the files in Pro Tools, and export them in order to time-stamp the files. A step that seems totally unnecessary, obviously.

Can anyone shed some light on this? How do I export multiple stems WITH time-stamp information that import correctly on the timeline in Pro Tools?

I do this and it does work for me… Just to clarify, it may help, here’s what I do. This is between Cb7.5 and PT9 and PT11 (as I haven’t upgraded to either Cb8 yet or the latest PT).

First I make sure I have the same time-code zero point set up on Cubase and Protools. I.e. the start of the project has the same time-code. This might normally be zero, but not always because some people who use Protools set the project start point to be 1 hour (perhaps this is a default?). Anyway, the key here is to make sure they’re the same. [Note also that both programs can apply various offsets to the displayed time, so make sure you check the absolute time-code values!].

Then I set Cubase Project Settings to use Broadcast Wav @ 24bit. This is because sometimes I simply bounce the audio I need (i.e. I don’t need the effects or mixer channel settings just the raw audio), and the project settings control the type of file created when bouncing. I then rename the new files in the pool so I can easily find and copy them over the PT.

If I need channel settings included in the audio (e.g. specific effects that I’m using like flanger or chorus) or I need to render out an instrument (pre render-in-place), then I export the tracks and I select Broadcast Wav @ 24 bits.

When I import into PT then I open the spot window and the time-code is there to be clicked, and the go to the right place.

HOWEVER, recently I was doing a 96k project and I did actually have to note the sample position in Cubase and type this into the PT spotting window (I use sample positions rather than time-code because they’re just easier to type and I don’t trust decimal places so much). I don’t know if this was because I’d selected the wrong output format or what, and I was under too much time pressure to follow up the problem. I recall a few years back I used to put the sample position in the filename for easy cutting/pasting.


I had a lot of workflow issues interfacing with post production sound mixers who use PT because I couldn’t export OMF’s from C6.5 that would open correctly in PT.

The best way way to export Audio files for import into PT that need to open up exactly in position is through exporting an AAF (which is more reliable than OMF).

Only prob is that C6.5 doesn’t support OMF. I waited for C8Pro but still no AAF support so I didn’t upgrade.

Instead I found a thread somewhere in the forum that suggested a workaround which has proved to be super reliable and pain free.

Download and install Nuendo trial, you get 400hours before you need to purchase a license.

Print your audio in Cubase so you have all the audio files you need. Save and open up Cubase project in nuendo.

Under the export menu there is the export AAF function. Selecting this provides a few options for the export.

Set according to your needs and create the AAF (I found it better to include the audio in the AAF instead of media file references).

The output file is a single AAF file which can be imported into PT and on import files the Audio files drop on timeline perfectly.

Do ensure your Cubase and PT project have the same project start timecode and you’re set.

The process of creating the AAF takes about 5mins so you can do the math as to how much use you can get from 400 hours.

This saved my bacon big time. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this feature will appear in Cubase before my 400 hors is up!

Can’t find the original post atm but if I do I’ll post the link. As it’s more detailed, but hopefully you get the gist.


Thanks so much for your help, guys!

It seems to me that there’s actually not possible to embed TC information that works with Pro Tools directly from Cubase. It would be great to just export the audio, and deliver. But no luck so far!