Export Timing Off

So I’m running into an issue and I could use some advice. I’ve been working on some web series episodes, each one between 10-15 minutes long. I bounce all the audio down to MX, DX, and FX stems, do a final mix, bounce that down, and then export. When I export the audio by itself, and then lay it into the video file, it’s anywhere between 5-15 seconds shorter than the video. So everything syncs up right at the top but by the end its way off from video. If I export audio and video together as a video file, the timing holds and it lines up right from beginning to end. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

I’m on a 2017 MBP with a 3.1 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM. I was having this issue on Nuendo 10.2.10 and I still have it on 10.2.20


The only thing that is certain is that it’s not the program.

I use Nuendo for TV and feature films daily for the last 13 years, and that have never ever happened.


With “export audio and video together” you mean the Nuendo “Export Video” command…? With export audio you mean the “Export Audio Mixdown” ?
As Eric says ist very unlinkely that Nuendo would do anything different in this 2 mixdowns (it be then that sample rate is set differently). How du you “lay audio into video”? Its much more likely that somethimg goes wrong there.

Hi, yes “export audio and video together” = “Export Video” command, “export audio” = “Export Audio Mixdown.”

The first time this happened, I found out because I sent my audio mixdown to the video editor, and he told me that it wasn’t lining up correctly. So to test it out I used iMovie - I imported the video I was working with into iMovie, then imported my audio mixdown into iMovie, and could see for myself that the audio was shorter than the video. I tried to do the Export Audio Mixdown again, and got the same result. I tried doing the Export Audio Mixdown with different variables like deactivating my mastering plugin, and got the same result. But when I used the Export Video command, it worked fine.

I’m curious about what you said about the different sample rates - when I imported the AAF from the video editor, I got a popup that said something like "some clips in this AAF have a different sample rate than the project sample rate. Could that cause this issue? If so, is there a way to get Nuendo to convert sample rates when importing an AAF?


If anybody else needs help with this - Turns out the latest update (10.2.20) has a new feature where it automatically converts imported audio in AAFs to the project sample rate.