export to mp3 only in live mode

OK I did something here and can’t figure out what I did.
I went to download a song, usually takes a minute or so maybe less, this time it had vst instruments on it that I actually did not use . SO the export window said have to download in the LIVE mode which was goanna take aobut 6 minutes for the song.

so I found out how to get rid of those vst tracks by taking them off the instrument list with no instrument. This got the tracks off my project.

Now I go to audio mixdown and it doesn’t say it downloading live it just takes 6 minutes again. Now somehow I changed something in mixdown I guess but I can’;t seem to see what I did. Is there a control for live or something.

I quit the project I was using and went to a couple of other projects and the same thing happens although the had no vst instruments, so I must have done something in audio mixdown. thanks for any help on this dumb thing I did.

Is Realtime checked in the Export window? I’m guessing download means export?

yes I missed that and yes exporting, sorry I was blinded by the obvious, thanks for taking the time to reply.