Export to mp3

Is there a way to do this? It doesn’t appear so. I got Cubasis for the sole purpose of using it as a portable VoiceOver recording DAW on the iPad, and all the agents I work with require mp3 submissions.

Any suggestions for somehow getting exports in an mp3 format without having to use iTunes?

Other than this, great app - a wonderful translation of Cubase to the ipad, and this is coming from someone who got started with the other Cubasis back in 2001 or so.

Share mix down file to Dropbox. In Dropbox export file to FileConvertor. It will convert to whatever your format requires for the most part. After conversion it asks where you want to save MP3. Put it back in Dropbox and then do with it what you want.

Audio Mastering app can do this. Select your desired Mixdown file in Cubasis and press Share, Open With, Audio Mastering. Along with all the tasty sonic tweaking available in this app is the ability to convert to MP3 and other formats DIRECTLY (i.e. within the app, not via upload to a server). Conversion settings can be any combination of 44/48kHz and 256/320Kbps with optional dithering and Normal or High Quality compression. The resulting file can then be shared by the usual methods. AM is a paid app and the interface takes a bit of getting used to but I reckon it’s well worth it for the genuinely useful mastering effects and of course the in-app file conversion. Caveat: a bug in iOS 8.0.2 and later updates prevented Cubasis from sharing large mixdown files (over 50mb) via Open With. This has been fixed in iOS 8.3 but apparently Steinberg are in any case addressing this issue with their own fix to be included in the next Cubasis update.

Thanks for the info. That would be a better option than uploading to a server. I’ll check out the app.

This should be an option to export as MP3 directly from Cubasis. M4A format is not recognized on Android, etc. and it is a pain in the butt to go through hoops to convert it to MP3 using other apps. MP3 format export should be added to Cubasis.

I agree it would be handy to be able to export from Cubasis to MP3, but I also find most people I send an M4A file to can play it… not sure about android though as I don’t have any android devices anymore (that are working at least)

M4A is not supported on Android and it becomes a challenge every time I need to send a copy to a friend who is on android.