Export to two formats in one click? (using macros?)

I use Cubase to make sounds for games, and I always have to export a LOT of sounds in two different formats (mp3 and ogg) from my projects.

Is there a fancy shortcut that will allow me to hit “Export” in the Export Audio Mixdown window and then get it to export either a mp3 or an ogg first and then automatically export the other one (same name, same place)? I have tried setting up a macro, but I can’t get it to highlight the File Format submenu in the Export Audio Mixdown after having exported the first file.

The macro I try to use starts with the Export Audio Mixdown window open.

Audio export - perform audio export (this works)
Then I use “Focus - Back” 15 times to get to the File Format submenu but it doesn’t do what I expected. Should I use something else for highlighting the File Format submenu?

Or is there another way to do this?
Imagine having 25 small sounds, that you need to export, to both mp3 and ogg. It would REALLY speed up my flow to get a macro setup here.

I would welcome this option because very often I need to get a mix in WAV as well as MP3 for the clients. But right now it doesn’t exist, it’s only a single format that can be exported.

However, there is a way of running a batch script when a Cb export completes, and theoretically you could use this feature to convert the exported file, but I can’t help you on any specifics. It’s what the SoundCloud upload uses, that’s all I can tell you…

You could also run a batch converter after exporting all your files. And you could even probably create a drop directory into which you export to and the batch converter does it automatically for you.

You might even be able to get a windows macro tool working so that it takes over the mouse and clicks the necessary buttons for you?

MEAP is a tool which provides batch exports from Cb, but I’m not sure if it does multiple formats, worth a look though if you’re exporting many different clips and needing some automation.


Yeah, this would be a nice feature. You can export many different formats at once in Logic.