Export track from montage with gaps

I have a finished montage with the markers for a CD. I did some pauses between the tracks and now I want to export the tracks so I have the same listening experience in the digital release.
Can figure out how to do that

Use the Render function to produce a wav file.

But does it include the pause before the new track? Or is the same length as the original track?

Yes. But this is so much the basics that maybe I don’t understand your real question.

Are you using WaveLab Elements or Pro?

There are some big differences between the two in this area.

Also, there are options in the Render Tab to add any gaps between markers at the start or end of the file. Without choosing one, the time between markers could be omitted on renders.

My preferred method is using CD Track Splice Markers so you can manually take care of this and be able to render CD Tracks with no surprises or accidents.


I am using the Pro version

I am preparing the ddp file for the cd pressing and the digital release. In Wavelab I added gaps between tracks, so the new tracks don’t come too early. I want the same total length and listening experience on the CD and the digital release. So I have to export the imported tracks with the added gaps. Hope that makes it more clear

Then Rendering the whole montage as a single WAV file is what you need.

Another way even closer to your wish if you need: import your DDP back into WaveLab (with the option “Audio In Pauses”, in the import dialog). This creates a montage with a single audio file which is simply the DDP audio image. Open this clip audio source inside the WaveLab editor, and save it as a wave file.

This will be the 100% exact digital copy of the DDP audio in the form of a 16-bit audio file.

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Isn’t it possible to export the tracks only? I don’t need one single large file. I want the length of each track like in the ddp. From 8 songs I made gaps only between two songs: so in the end I need the song previous to the gap exported longer as the original track length

Are these CD Splice Markers?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-24 um 10.22.53
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-24 um 10.23.00

Yes it is. But that will exclude the pause between the markers (your picture).


Exactly, that’s what I experienced. How to include the Pause?

If you want to include the pauses, which means starting each song with silence (btw, why do you need that?), then there are two possibilities:

  • you need to use splice markers and manage the pauses manually. That is, WaveLab would not help you for this.

  • Do the Import DDP procedure mentioned earlier, then from the imported montage, select all clips and render them. The first track, which is not preceded by another track, won’t get a pause. But the other tracks will.


There’s a lot of confusion in this thread. All selected clips is not a good idea because any space between the clips will not be included.

Here’s the setting that will include the space between markers in the rendered files if you choose render All Marked Regions/CD Tracks:


I agree with the general case, but this will work for the particular request from @feinsinn if the montage is created from the DDP.

This is a perfectly valid answer, I forgot about this feature :wink:


But in my opinion, it’s best to not use the start/end markers that you’re using and use CD Track Splice Markers instead. This rules out any grey area when rendering WAV or mp3 files of the CD tracks.

This is what your markers tab will look like if CD Track Splice Markers are used. Notice how other than the very first marker, and the very last marker, all the other markers are basically an end and start marker stuck together with no space allowed between them.

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Interesting regarding the markers. Will the markers that I used work for a an audio CD. Just send the ddp to the manufacturer

If you can create a DDP from WaveLab with whatever markers you are using, then the DDP will be valid for the manufacturer.

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