Export : Use "Export" folder (instead of Audio)

Do I miss somehting or is there a possibility to tel Cubase to Export to a different folder directly.

It’s easy to export to ‘audio’ folder but we might have pletty of other files in there so we’ll finally copy the file in an other directory.

Searching for a new directory will keep this in memory and I prefer to keep this “recent list” with destination I often use.

The option I’m after would be : Save in “Export” folder for this project. Any idea ?

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding what you are asking for but…

In the CB File>Export>Audio Mixdown menu (named Export Audio Mixdown) you can choose any folder to save your audio file to. You can make that your default folder to save it to or you can choose to save it in any other folder you want. Including the project folder. After you browse and save to a few different folders, a “Recent Paths” list is compiled.
These options are accessed in the Export Audio Mixdown>File Location>Paths drop down menu.

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Thanks @Prock but I would prefer to directly have a “export folder” option, without browsing and adding unwanted “rencent Paths”.
I keep the “Recent Path” clean so I can re-export to this folders when needed (exemple : my SFX & Music personnal collection…)

Why no “Utiliser le dossier Export du projet” ?

That would make more sense

OK…you are describing a “Feature Request”. Maybe you (or a forum moderator) should move this to that section.

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ok I thought maybe this existed.
I’ll try to move the topic.
What do you think about such a feature ?

I think it is a good idea but, for me and my workflow, I would not use it enough to ask for it. Others, like yourself, may want it. So it can’t hurt to ask for it and see if the +1s happen.

Good luck :wink:

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I found it as good idea too. + we need mp3 and wav export in same step possibility. Why should we wait, convert, chose new folders when all that can hapen in one step.