Export V11 - Import V12 Programmsettings possible?

Is it possible to import the settings of Cubase 11 into Cubase 12?

Makes no fun, to make the complet setup new by every newer version :confused:
For example Keylayout, Colours, etc.

Please let me know if there is an easier way to do it :slight_smile:

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I beliece we have to create and export profile from cubase 11… i just installed 12 now having the same problem late going to bed…hopefully thats right :pray:

you may be interested in this page listing the locations for those files and then copy the one’s you want from their respective Cubase 11 locations to their Cubase 12 locations:

Manually copying those files while Cubase was closed, has typically worked for me.

I didn’t manually copy anything and Cubase 12 went and got my settings from 11 and installed them. The only task was to activate my profile.

Yes, you´re right.
I forgot the export import function. My mistake.

And also my own sorting of the plugins was there. Great :slight_smile:

Thanks for open my eyes