Export Video and audio mix in a video file, please!

I hope to see this implemented in Cubase 10.
It would be sooo helpful for film music composers.
I just want to adjust the locators, go to file->export and click on:
Export video and audio mix.
That’s all!
Now I have to export the audio excerpt that I want to show to the client, keep in mind the timecode. Open Adobe Premiere (or any other video software), insert the video file, import the audio file in the exact timecode, and export the video with the exported audio from Cubase.
I’m doing this for every scene, for every soundtrack for many many many years.

Please, make this option happen in Cubase 10!!


They are advertising and selling on the fact that they have a new video engine. At the studio where I work for, some went back to 9.0 to fix compatibility issues. Since, we cannot export video and the replace audio fonction has been removed, it feels like a step backwards. It’s a total wast of time to have to use another software to have a cue approved by the client. I don’t care if it’s not top notch quality with every single CODEC implemented. We only need a descent reference that is timecode accurate so we can have cues approve and move on with our work.

What’s taking so long? I used to be able to export video with Ableton Live years ago and Ableton is nowhere aimed at film scoring.

That’s crazy… even Nuendo 8 is not capable of exporting video… I was ready to jump ahead and take advantage of the current promotional offer but it can’t export video either…

If you have the exact length of video as a clip, that your new audio will refer to, you could install this little app (which is BRILLIANT) which will add your new audio to the video file, without having to launch Premier or remember exact timcodes. Its a standalone little beauty…!


Scroll down the page to the ‘Show and Tell’ video explaining how it works

Might save a bit of grief while we all wait for Cubase 10…! :slight_smile:

+1 for audio to video export between locators.

+1 Massively needed!

+1 Extremely Important feature!


H264 - .mp4 please.

I would prefer, to render the whole video between the region markers.
If you do some cuts in the video, empty regions should be rendered to black.

Lately i had to insert a few frames and do a video cut for the video editor, so that the voice over timing was perfect.
I did this with adobe premiere then…


When I started using Cubase, the lack of this feature was shocking. We should wait no more for this to happen!

And also, exporting between markers would be very useful (more than locators).

Yes. Yes. Yes. What everyone else is saying!


I spent longer getting the audio and video into Final Cut, realigning, resetting levels, etc. then I did actually composing a quick 2 minute demo soundtrack for a trailer in Nuendo 8m last week.

Doesn’t need to be distribution ready but a lot of times I will quickly dump a video clip into Nuendo, offset it in time, and then improv a quick sound track with intro/outro sections for a demo or a pitch. This means my start times are not aligned between the a mixed down audio and video section.

Essentially what we need is a non-realtime render, without the flicker, of the video playback window.

Please, please, please.


I’d pay the upgrade only for this feature. It doesn’t have to be a full featured video editor. Just dump what is in the video preview, to be able to send a preview to the video editor and move to Premiere when everybody is happy with the draft.

+1 this would be awesome Steinberg pretty please

This feature would be greatly appreciated! +1


Please implement video exporting


New to Cubase Pro 10. I had hoped I could put vid clips together with my music and export it but nope. Hopefully this will be implemented in the near future.

+1 for this too. It’s madness you can’t!!

Not sure at all, I’m afraid they plan to book this feature only on Nuendo.

+1 too important