Export video still freezes Nuendo after a year and a half!

Hi. I’ve reported this already in April 2020, still no response nor any fix in 11.0.30. In the meantime I updated all drivers multiple times, reintalled the system completely etc. The EXPORT VIDEO feature does not work on Windows 10. No matter the project, no matter the video format. I sent a dump file to Steinberg, nothing. Should I just give up on Steinberg ever solving this issue?

  1. Start any project
  2. Insert any video into project
  3. Click Export video
  4. Observe Nuendo getting frozen

Doing this often here, no freezes.

Same here, Windows 10, no prob

Well then how come it freezes for me? It was among the first thing I tried after reintalling my PC, I tried that on a clean project, still freezing. What GPU do you have? I have RTX 2060 Super. I mean these things should be gathering the customer support and not me goddamn it. And they’ve had my logs for more than 6 months.

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Because there’s something with your system config that makes it freeze.

I have a RTX2070, Win10Pro.

I use ProRes encoded video files and generally avoid .mp4/H264.

It’s been working for me perfectly fine for ages as well, although I rarely use it. The quickest way I’ve found for replacing audio on a video is by using RAVE, an incredibly handy little tool. It’s just an FFMPEG frontend but it doesn’t have to re-render anything, it just swaps out the audio channel, so it’s instantaneous.

One thing to look out for though, I always have to go to “Advanced Mode” and turn off the “Audio @ new in-point” checkbox. Besides that it’s incredibly efficient.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem. Although my exports worked in the beginning of me starting to work with Nuendo 10.2, it is now freezing just like you described.

Im on a PC, Win 10.

digitallysane - I does not matter what video you put inside it, I have checked 10 different mp4, mov, etc. Let it also be known - Alot of different formats and encoded videos worked before but now its not working anymore. And I have not made any hardware changes at all.

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does it actually freeze for good or does it just “look” frozen?
For me, when Nuendo seems frozen I check the Taskmanager if Nuendo still draws ressources from Disk or Network. If so it is doing “something” and does not hang. Gui might be frozen, though.
On some machines I get this “freeze” on some I don’t. But When frozen it always returns to normal state when the export finishes. (Although you don’t know when, because the process bar is frozen also).

So… don’t panic because of freezes during export.

If it actually hangs and does not come back… thats a different story of course.

Well, the problem is I dont get a progress bar at all. Why? Because I dont even get the pop-up export window. Just like ArchimonDe described in the initial post above.

For me, when I press Export Video, whole Nuendo is stuck. When I click somewhere, I get this windows message of “waiting for response”. And I could sit 15 minutes waiting for something to happen, but it never does.

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So odds that Steinberg will adress this issue is…like…zero?

Probably. I mean, their product is great, but the customer support is utterly disgraceful. When I tried to reach out to them at least via their german email (info@steinberg.de), it took them over 50 days to reply: “Contact the support in your country.” And that’s when I get lucky and get a response at all. :smiley: Best part is the support is non-existent in my country. They could have at least try to help, but no. They just bothered to tell me not to bother them. I’m affraid they’re slowly becoming what they swore to destroy - Avid.

Update: So, after a long time I got connected to an actual customer support worker from Steinberg and we were able to solve this thing out, finally. The problem was in a corrupted VideoExport.xml file in the “…\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 11_64” folder. So I overwrote the file with a default one and the Export function is working again. Thanks to Georges Boboé from Steinberg.