Export video still freezes Nuendo after a year and a half!

Hi. I’ve reported this already in April 2020, still no response nor any fix in 11.0.30. In the meantime I updated all drivers multiple times, reintalled the system completely etc. The EXPORT VIDEO feature does not work on Windows 10. No matter the project, no matter the video format. I sent a dump file to Steinberg, nothing. Should I just give up on Steinberg ever solving this issue?

  1. Start any project
  2. Insert any video into project
  3. Click Export video
  4. Observe Nuendo getting frozen

Doing this often here, no freezes.

Same here, Windows 10, no prob

Well then how come it freezes for me? It was among the first thing I tried after reintalling my PC, I tried that on a clean project, still freezing. What GPU do you have? I have RTX 2060 Super. I mean these things should be gathering the customer support and not me goddamn it. And they’ve had my logs for more than 6 months.

Because there’s something with your system config that makes it freeze.

I have a RTX2070, Win10Pro.

I use ProRes encoded video files and generally avoid .mp4/H264.