Export volume issue


I have a strange behaviour when i export my project with cubase. The mp3 or wav volume is lower than wath i can ear if i play the song in the software…
did I miss a parameter or something that can explain that ?

thank you for your help

Is your stereo out volume set at zero? Once I started to balance my mix to output best at that level I never had to think about the export results.


Do you have Control Room enabled? If yes, is there any plug-in on the Monitor bus?

What player do you use to play the exported file back? How does it sound, when you import it back to Cubase?


My stereo out volume is set to zero.

I don’t know what is the control room… so i think it’s not enabled…

I play the mp3 with VLC or windows medi player, same low volume level.
When i load it back to cubase the volume is good… strange…

So I try to add some gain to the output in Cubase but I have saturation of sound…

I don’t understand…


Then my expectation is, the Volume (slider?) of VLC is lowered.

And additionally to that, the windows / Soundcard mixer volume need to be 100% also.

I feel very stupid now… My windows sound input was low… it’s the steinberg line input. That’s strange because it had no consequence on the sound volume out of cubase…

So now it’s solved :slight_smile:

It’s because Cubase uses ASIO drivers, and not the internal Windows drivers.
They are completely different sound systems.
ASIO talks to the hardware directly and can wherefore do it with lower latency, but what also bypasses any Windows system sound management.
Think of them as two different soundcards even if it is the same hardware.