Export Volume issue

I am a newbie, so my question may be very basic. I have Cubase 5.5.3 (full version) and using Wave Lab element 7. I create a project in Cubase 5 and when I do an analysis my wave on tracks average out at a certain level…let’s say -22DB. When I export the project to a wave and then look at the level in Wavelab, without fail the analysis of the levels shows an increase of about 2.5DB.

I have check all setting (everything at zero) and tried all export settings in cubase and yet…I always get a volume increase while exporting (When read in Wavelab or re-imported in Cubase). Any suggestions?

First of all: your description isn’t accurate enough to analyze your problem:

  • “analysis my wave on tracks average out at a certain level” … “average”? you mean RMS? or average peak value between individual tracks?
  • “tracks”? are this individual instrument tracks being mixed down or “tracks” as “songs”?
    OK. Now I’m going to make assumption: “average” means average peak values of individual tracks and “tracks” are different instruments being mixed down: THEN … it’s completely normal your dB value rises. Mixing down is about ADDING individual tracks together … and last time I checked out ADDITION could result in greater numbers than the values being added are. You know: 1+1 > 1.


Thank you for your reply. I guess what I am talking here is about one wave file one human voice.(voice over) When I do an Global analysis in Wave Lab under “Average Loudness” I get an average let’s say of -20db. When I bring the same voice-track into Cubase, highlight it all and run “Statistic” Average RMS, I get approx a -2.5DB diffrence for the same track. Do it take it then that the analysis under Wave Lab-Global Analysis- and Cubase-Statistic- when measuring average RMS work in different ways?

OK. I can see this. One voice analyzed by different software for RMS may result on different values. This may depend on how the software analyses the “average RMS”. Is it average of the whole track or is it average of the small “windows” (in time) in which the software analyses the RMS value. Just ignore this difference between different software, unless you have a real problem with it … in which case you should describe the problem more accuratly so we could find a solution for you.


Thank You kindly for sending me in the right direction…this issue is resolved.

I don’t have Wavelab, but I believe it has several different standards for measuring loudness. If it’s set at a different standard than the one in Cubase, then that explains the difference. Check the wavelab manual on how to change it.

i agree you can never trust those average reading algorithm calculations. especially from two different software

Of course you can trust them, you just have to understand the parameters!

lol, what Split said :slight_smile:
They may measure differently, but as long as you know what kind of meter you are watching it’s perfectly reliable.