Export wav file with (musical mode)?

Hello, i want to export wav files that are in musical mode, in a way that if some one else open the files
he will get the files all ready in musical mode.

Thank you

Musical Mode is a feature in Cubase and can not be stored in a .wav file.
You can however embed tempo information by enabling iXML and selecting “Insert Tempo Definition” in your export dialog.

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Like @mlindeb, I also think what you’re asking is not possible (i.e. to embed musical/linear mode setting—of the audio clip/event—to the exported .wav file). What is possible though, is to do what @mlindeb said, and then import the file in Cubase using the Media Bay window (with “Align Beats to Project” option on). This way, Musical Mode (for that imported .wav audio event/clip/sample) will automatically get activated.

Thank you very much,
It seems only " acid pro " can do that.
I want to save with the tempo not for me, i want the files to be opend by people that gets my loops
from my site.
I think i will try acid pro to see if i can save over there the tempo inside the file and open it in cubase and see if it detacts the musical mode.
You can look at my web site if you want

Again, thank you

When Acidized files are imported into Cubase they are automatically set to Musical Mode for me.

The same should be true if there is Tempo Definition in the file.

That’s what I thought, but I just checked and it didn’t have Musical Mode enabled. Then I tried an Acid File and it did. Maybe someone who knows about editing .wav metadata will have some insights.

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