Exported master pages

Hello, I have been using importing and exporting master pages. I would like to ask if I am doing something wrong or this is working the way it is supposed to.

After doing the exporting steps (below), when I import the master page in another project the images have to be relinked.

Thank you for any help

  1. In Engrave mode, add a Master Page Set and give it a name.
  2. Make your new Master Page Set the Current set and double-click the page pairs to edit them. Create new page pairs if necessary.
  3. Create you layouts in the Master Page Editor for each page pair.
  4. You can also choose to style the Flow Heading .
  5. Export your new Master Page Set , then import it into any other Dorico project.

Correct. When you export a master page (or a master page set), the only thing you’re exporting is the arrangement of frames.

This would make a useful addition to the manual - I’ll make a note.

Thank you Pianoleo for confirming it.

best regards

Thank you Lillie for being on top of it every time

Sometimes additions to the manual take quite a while to appear, others… mere hours xD https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v3.5/en/dorico/topics/engrave_mode/engrave_mode_master_page_sets_exporting_t.html

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