Exported MIDI files randomly missing the .mid extension

Hi guys,
Not sure why, but since upgrading to C13 Pro, every now and then exported MIDI files are missing the ‘.mid’ extension. I have to manually rename the file and add it. Not that it should be an option, because why would you NOT want ‘.mid’ at the end of your MIDI file (?), but is there something I could check in settings that would be possibly causing this glitch please?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi Martin,
I’m on Windows 11. I’m finding that if I manually add the ‘.mid’ extension as I set the file name, it works. Still confusing that Cubase would do that, though. It’s a bit like exporting an audio file and the ‘.wav’ extension is missing in the file name. Do you think it’s a bug?


One thing I’ve seen is that, if I try to export a MIDI file into a directory where there is a subdirectory with the same name I want to export the MIDI file as (minus the .MID, of course), then Cubase will select that if I don’t explicitly type the .MID part. If I am using another name, though, I don’t think it’s been an issue. This was not unique to Cubase 13, though, as I’ve had it ever since the first time I was using Cubase to export MIDI files when I was also backing up a project to the same directory. (I do tend to want them to be the same name as the subdirectory, which is of the form “, Mix ” and is in a “Mixes” subdirectory within my backup structure for the project.


Isn’t this the system (Windows) behaviour?

Not exactly. I just ran a test, with both Notepad and Word to see what happened. When you just put in the name that will be the same as the directory (with the idea that the application will supply whatever extension it usually uses, like it would do when saving in a directory without a subdirectory by that name), those applications don’t write a file at all, but rather go down to the subdirectory, where you get another chance.

By contrast, if I’m remembering the Cubase behavior correctly (I don’t have Cubase open now to try, so it’s possible I may not be), Cubase just wrote a file without the extension, rather than going down to the lower directory and giving another chance. Or maybe it did go down to the lower directory, but still saved the file without the extension after I’d picked the name? Whatever it was, the first time or two I encountered this, I remember being confused that I couldn’t find a .mid file I thought I’d saved.

One other possible variation (again from memory) may be that if I’d selected the directory to get the name, but added some text after that – for example, say the subdirectory was called “Project”, then I added “, Mix 9” after that, then hit enter – expecting the “.mid” would be added (i.e. “Project, Mix 9.mid”) but it did not, so came out without the extension (i.e. just "Project, Mix 9). I also just tried this scenario with Notepad, and it does at the .txt extension automatically in this scenario.

Whichever case it was, the key memory is that the resultant MIDI file did not have an extension.

Having Cubase (13.0.30) up now, I tried to see if I could recreate what I’d been remembering (which would have been prior to V13), and my quick attempts seemed to be consistent with Windows behavior as described from my Notepad/Word tests earlier today. That is, if I specify the same name as the subdirectory (with not extension), it just browses into that subdirectory and makes me try again on specifying the file name. Also, if at any level, I specify a file name without explicitly including the .MID extension, it is currently adding that extension.

I’m not sure my specific memories on Cubase’s behavior above are correct at this point, only that I was seeing confusing behavior and subsequently got very cautious about explicitly adding the .MID extension after that.


I have just tsted this on Windows (11). If I type the name of the sub-folder, Cubase jumps to the sub-folder. This is a system dialog (not Cubase), so it must work the very same way in any application.