Exported PDFs sometimes don't contain everything

When you open a file, directly go to Print Mode, select all your parts and click on “Export”, sometimes the generated PDFs don’t contain the whole piece.

It seems that after selecting all the layouts on the left hand side, Dorico is doing some sort of (re-)calculations. I can see this because the mouse pointer shows that Dorico is doing some thinking.
But: If you don’t wait for all this to come to an end, but press “Export” during the process, the generated PDFs don’t contain all the content. - And nothing tells the user that this has happened.
I just came back from the copy shop, as two third of my layouts only contained the first of 4 pages…

It would be great, if
a) no recalculation would be necessary in the first place, or
b) the user would be stopped from starting the export process while “thinking” was going on, or
c) at least tell me that something has gone wrong :wink:

This is now the second time this has happened to me. The first time was in Dorico 3.5, now it has happened in version 4.

When you select all the layouts in the left panel, are any of the options in the right panel showing asterisks? Is the Page Range showing All Pages highlighted blue? If you have any asterisks or All Pages isn’t highlighted blue, you need to go through the list of layouts carefully and check that options are set consistently.

My best guess is that at some previous point in the project’s life, you (or someone else with access to the project) have set page ranges for individual layouts. Dorico remembers these.

Hi, Pianoleo.

Thanks for your suggestions, but unfortunately it’s nothing of them.
When I just wait long enough until the mouse pointer has stopped spinning and press “Export” then, everything gets exported correctly.
It’s really a matter of simply waiting long enough, no options need to be changed anywhere.

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@Estigy is right … if you press Export before Dorico has finished calculating the layouts, only page 1 of some layouts is exported. I have learned to wait until no action is visible before pressing Export.


Hi, BassoContinuo!

Thanks for confirming my case. That’s exactly what happens: only page 1 is filled with content, the rest of them is empty (though they are there).

To be honest, I’m surprised that the export button functions at all if Dorico is not done making calculations. I would expect the function to either be delayed by some scripting logic or for the button to be disabled until Dorico is ready to actually complete the process.

Or perhaps at the bare minimum, I’m surprised it would do a half-export, rather than finishing the calculations to render the file.

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(I don’t doubt this will be addressed in due course.)

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying :wink:
And yes, I’m sure this will be addressed by the team.

I’m a bit surprised this didn’t come up earlier. There are quite some people with much bigger projects than mine (30 players with 4 A4-Pages of music, a quite regular piece of music for wind band) that might have stumbled across this.

This actually has come up before. Apologies for my not remembering!
See Pages missing when exporting to PDF - #12 by pianoleo for instance.

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I’ll join the choir - as I experienced the same yesterday. I never had this issue with version 3.5.
Some Layout .pdf exports only consisted of the first page - and luckily I did a check before sending them out.

I usually use pdftk scripts to combine several PDF parts or at least to customize file names. So I added an additional check in pdftk: make a pdf file with all parts and then handle the last page # of this file (after the necessary number of pages has been determined). If the file is too small, an error message will be generated.

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