Exported video is pixellated and blurry

I followed the guidelines described here: Export Video

Unfortunately, when I export the video, the resulting file is pixellated, blurry and unusable. The video that I import into Cubase 12 looks fine outside of Cubase, it looks fine in the viewer, but when I export it, the video looks terrible.

Here is the video that I imported into Cubase 12:

Here is the messy looking video exported from cubase:

I’m using Cubase 12 in Rosetta mode, not M1 native mode.

Yes I wish video export would be improved. The files are massive and quality isn’t great (although mine isn’t blurry). I tend to export videos and then import them to Quicktime Pro and save them out again for a smaller file size - not ideal!

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This is probably not the answer you’re looking for.
After spending many hours fiddling with video import/export settings, different codecs, different resolutions and bitrates, I have come to the conclusion that Cubase does not handle video files very well in any capacity. Even if the video files adhere to the specifications.
What works for me is using small, low res video files (basically proxy files) for scoring and then export audio only. Depending on the client I either send off the audio files as is or bring it into DaVinci Resolve to add the audio to the original, hi-res video. Not ideal, but it works.


Thanks. I have actually been using it to send scenes to clients for review and it’s been ok but I really hope it’s improved. Would also be nice to be able to set the audio quality of the export higher as that’s the game we’re in after all! :slight_smile:

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