Exported WAV sounds like I breathed helium.

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I have a Lexicon Alpha, set to record at 24-bit 48000 to Cubase LE 5.

The Cubase project, export, and playback device settings are identical. The Alpha ASIO control panel via Cubase also states 48000. However, when I playback after mixingdown my voice changes pitch as though I’ve taken in helium. Playing back the track from within the project is fine.

I’m lost because everything is set to the same sample rate and frequency.
Reaper and Audacity do not present such issues, but I’d like to use Cubase.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you.

It must be a samplerate problem somewhere. Probably at playback!

Here are my settings:
Cubase/ASIO settings:
Export settings:

How much is the pitch change? Roughly a semitone, or really chipmunk, and double speed? What are you playing the file back with? Cubase or some 3rd party software player.
What is missing in your screenshots is the Project setup, where you define the samplerate for the Cubase project.
“Project->Project setup”

Thank you for helping.

When I play the project from within Cubase there is no pitch change, but when I play the exported file in Windows Media Player my voice sounds sharp but at normal speed. Not quite as bad as a chipmunk though.

The project settings are below:
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You will be playing back in windows at a different sample rate than what you mixed down at.

Try doing an export from Cubase at 44.1KHz

44.100 24 and 16-bit produced the same result.

Make sure the samplerate at playback is the same as the samplerate of the recording.

Sorry for not replying earlier, and thank you for helping.

All bit depth and sample rates are identical from the Alpha adapter to project mixdown. I really can’t work it out. Audacity and Reaper don’t change the pitch. In reaper I can change the export bit depth and sample rate without changing the pitch of the audio.

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I got exactly same problem with my Lexicon Lambda. Project is setted up to 48khz and 24 bit. No matter how I export audio - MP3 or WAV or anything else still its exported in higher pitch.
Funny that my keyboard KORG nanokontrol is playing higher pitch in software synths !!!
Please help !