Exported wave/mp3 doesn't work in google drive

exported wave/mp3 doesn’t work in google drive. in my macbook pro they work fin, but when uploaded to drive, or downloaded from there it appears broken. also tried to convert it on conversion sites with no success
please help :slight_smile:

In what way don’t the files work? They don’t play back when you try to preview them in your browser, or they don’t work when you download them?

both. me and a third party from a different computer tried and failed

Do you want to provide a link here?


That file is only 824 bytes large, according to the info, and also apparently I don’t have permission to download or play it. If that really is the same file which plays back fine on your own computer, I’m guessing something went wrong with the upload which can’t really be blamed on Dorico.

Yes, I would tend to agree: it looks as if the files haven’t been properly uploaded to Google Drive.