Exporting 24-bit becomes 16-bit

Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me with this.
I’m exporting a mixdown. The project was recorded in 24-bit wav.
I export at 44.1 kHz 24-bit wav. At post-fade, the UV22HR is inserted, set to 24-bit and hi dither level.
When I’m finished exporting, the file Properties>Details says 2116 kbps.
And when I import it into my video programme (Filmora), the Properties there tells me it’s 16-bit.
I should add that I have the export option “Insert iXML chunk” selected. Though I’m not sure what it does.
Does anyone know why this is happening, or how I can keep it in 24-bit the whole way?

Hi there!

Here’s something even more interesting. In VLC, an exported wave file at 24 bit is seen as a 32 bit file.

Screenshot 1 (VLC — Window / Media Information / Codec Details / Bits per sample)

Screenshot 2 (The same file in Filmora9 — right-click on the imported file / Properties)

Can you please post a screenshot of the properties window in Filmora?

Don’t confuse audio bit depth with bit rate.

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If you remove the dither?

You shouldn’t need to dither anyway.

Mediainfo would be a good idea… it lists more data about the files…

Or at least the pool could reveal a bit more information…

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Thanks to you all. OK, Misohoza. Like you said, I’m confusing bit depth with bit rate. The value of 2116 kbps is apparently equivalent to 24-bit audio. So the export from Cubase to my desktop seems OK.
Exporting without UV22HR produces exactly the same result.
However, Filmora may be automatically reducing my audio from 24 to 16 bit when it imports it. Here is the Filmora audio properties screen.

It gives an audio bit depth of 16 bits (see the Sample Rate). Yet it also gives a bit rate of 2116 kbps, which (as I said) is equivalent to 24 bit. So I’m not sure what’s going on.
In the end, I guess no-one will care whether it’s 16 or 24 bit. I’d just like to know what’s happening.

Well, I can’t help you with Filmora but you could try the media info app suggested in the post above. I use it a lot to check video files but it also works with audio.

Don’t get too hung up on the bit rate. If it’s a compressed audio format like mp3 with variable bit rate it doesn’t tell you much about sample rate or bit depth.

Yet it also gives a bit rate of 2116 kbps, which (as I said) is equivalent to 24 bit

Yes, you are right. For PCM it should be sample rate * bit depth * number of channels.

Uv22hr doesn’t change your bit depth, it’s a dithering tool, aka it adds imperceptible noise to dither the audio. You set in the plugin the parameters to which you intend to export the audio, however the plugin does not change the bit depth. See the link below for more information on dithering.
You set the bit depth in the file export window, not in the dithering plugin.

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Thanks to you all. Well, it’s clear now it’s not a Cubase problem. It’s a thing that happens when importing to Filmora.
Happy new year to you all