Exporting a midi file after making changes

I’m importing a midi file, making the changes I want saving it. But how do I export those changes to .mid file that I can load on a thumb drive and then open it up on my motif xf8? I can’t figure it out. Please help.


Use the export function to export your midi as a midi file and use it as you wish. :wink:

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I was being an idiot. I was just looking at it wrong. Now that got that figured out, when I copy the file onto a flash drive and then load it into a song file on my Motif, It is just pure garbage? No sounds carry over. Oh well onto the next dilemma.

Sorry, what do you mean by no sounds carry over?? MIDI files are just data and don’t contain any sounds/audio.

I know, what I meant to say is the instruments that I choose in Cubase via Haliosonic (sp?) don’t transfer into the motif as the same instruments. The data is there, but dums become piano or whatever. Thats what I’m trying to figure out now.

When exporting data as a MIDI File in order for any other device to “know” what instruments (Voices) you have chosen, your .mid File must contain Bank Select and Program Change information. Without this information the receiving device will not “know” what instrument (Voice) to select.

A default MIXING setup in your Motif XF will be all pianos. (Full Concert Grand in all sixteen Parts_ Preset bank 1)
If you only include the “Program Change” but do not include the “Bank Select”, then while some instruments surely will be selected… However, they will be all wrong instruments. Whatever happens to be in Preset 1 at that program number.

Here’s how that happens… A GM module only has one normal bank with Programs 000-127 (or 001-128), your Motif XF has several normal Voice banks: eight Preset banks, four User banks, a Mix Voice bank, a Sample Voice bank as well as a normal GM bank. So it is absolutely necessary to have the proper BANK SELECT commands in addition to the proper Program Change number. If a tone engine ONLY has the GM Bank, quite naturally, it has no issue if the Bank Select command is missing.

Unfortunately, (in this case) your Motif XF has 15 other banks of Programs, this is not counting the Drum Bank. In MIDI protocol the GM (Normal) Bank is identified by MSB 000, LSB 000. The GM (Drum) Bank is identified as MSB 127, LSB 000.

Not sure how you prepared your Midi file but if you DID include Program Changes but did NOT include the (very important) BANK SELECT messages… You should then include a GM RESET command. This command alerts all receiving devices to switch to their GM Banks. When the receiving device has more banks than just the basic GM, this is required to have the correct instrument Voices selected. In all GM listings Program #33 is Acoustic Bass, #34 is Fingered Electric Bass, #35 is Pick a Bass, #36 is Fretless Bass etc., etc., without a Bank Select command, your Motif XF will recall Program #33, 34 or 35 in the PRESET 1 bank. These are not basses… This is how things are getting messed up.

A GM Reset command is a bit of hexadecimal code that needs to be placed 100-200ms out front of any music data in the file. The time is mandated to allow receiving tone engines to respond to the reset command. This message resets all compatible receiving devices to program 001 GM Grand Piano, except Part 10 which switches to GM Drums, all volumes to 100, all pan to Center, etc., etc., etc. If you did not include this (or don’t know how to insert it, or don’t want to go through inserting sixteen sets of MSB/LSB messages, there is another solution in your XF…

Not to worry, your Motif XF allows you to create an initialized MIXING setup that sets sell 16 Parts of your MIXING to the GM Bank and places Drums on Part 10 in standard General Midi style.
Press [SONG] or [PATTERN] select a blank location
Press [MIXING] to select the Tone Generator
Press [JOB]
Press [F1] INIT
Clear the box that says ALL
Mark the box for GM… “Initializes selected Parts to GM”
This will allow you to reset Parts 1-16 to the GM RESET defaults.

Now your Program Changes will select the appropriate category sound following the GM list protocol.
Once you begin playback your XF should switch to the appropriate sound. You can [STORE] the Mixing setup in the XF.

Hope that makes sense… If you did not include Program Changes at all, then you have work to do in your original data. Let us know.

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