Exporting a multi-channel audio file

I want to export a 24-channel audio file, is there a way? That is, one WAV file that contains 24 tracks. At the moment I use Nuendo to export 24-channel multitracks (24 of WAV files) and then use Audacity to export them as a single WAV file with 24 channels, but it would be useful if I could do it all in Nuendo.

You could try to exploit a 22.2 group for this task, but I don’t know what the possible pitfalls are (if any).

Thank you Dietz. Yes, I have exported it as 22.2, but in this way channel-layout is also added into audio file like L R C LFE Rls Rrs e.t.c. that I’d like to avoid. ( BTW, channel-layout when exporting WAV in Nuendo is broken. In this case, format must be 22.2 but it will be always 23.1. I suppose it’s bug as it happens with other format such as 7.1.4 exporting ). Before, I have been using 22.2 export and re-export it with ffmpeg to remap channel layout, but using Audacity to make single file from multi sound files is simpler now.

But if the channel layout matters then you’ll have to specify what the layout should be, no? And if it doesn’t matter then 22.2 should be fine, no?

Thanks for your comment, MattiasNYC. If we specify the channel layout, the assignment of each channel depends on the playback hardware system. If we don’t specify it, it will be assigned in order, so I was just hoping that Nuendo could output audio file without specific format channel layouts as output by Audacity or with customed channel layout. I wrote 24 channels here, but since there are many cases where more channel requires, I will do some more research to see if there is another best way to do this.

I understand what you’re saying. I guess my confusion is regarding how you would do panning in Nuendo to begin with. And then if panning doesn’t matter you should be able to route predictably within Nuendo to get the channel order you need regardless of what it’s called.

This might seem insane but you could turn your 24 track session into a Dolby Atmos session, don’t create a bed track and then make each track an object. Then export an ADM file. If you then import this file back into a DAW as an audio file instead of an ADM file you should get a 24 track session. Mind you this will only work for 24 bit 48 K files.