Exporting a project from Logic (Mac) to Cubase (PC)

Hi, I need help…

Is it possible for me to export all the dry tracks of a project from Logic (Mac) onto my (PC compatible) portable hard drive and import it into Cubase 6.5 on my desktop PC? Will the PC import them as WAV files from a Mac?

Many thanks


Aloha C,

Not using Logic but I have done something similar to this on
several occasions.

My approach would be to:
1-Set tempo on the PC project to match tempo in Logic
2-Export each audio track from Logic as a .wav file
(if there is MIDI info, export as a .mid file)
3-Import these files back into Cubase. (PC version)

Before exporting audio files from Logic,
make sure each audio file starts at time position 0.00
(even if you have to add silence) to
insure proper ‘alignment’ with the track.

Hope this helps