Exporting a score from Cubase to Dorico problem

I’m trying to export a score from Cubase to Dorico using BBCSO expression map in both programs.
When I export as midi the expressions don’t show up, and when exporting as XML the expressions are imported as lyrics.
What am I doing wrong ?

You’re not doing anything wrong: MIDI doesn’t carry information about expression maps. There’s no way at present to export a project from Cubase into Dorico while retaining information about expression maps; if there is a way to do this in the future, it won’t be via MIDI.

Hmm… - John Barron wrote this in a FB thread:
If the imported MIDI has key switches and you’ve mapped that to BBCSO in Dorico then it’ll switch. However that doesn’t help the real players. If you import it as musicxml and the expressions are e.g. tenuto markings/slurs/staccato dots or playing techniques and you’re using the BBCSO playback template then they should also switch.

And as I wrote, the expressions are carried over in xml, but comes in as lyrics…

Key switches are just notes, so of course they are included in the MIDI file you export from Cubase, but Dorico won’t interpret them as key switches. You can choose to filter them out (by pitch) so they don’t appear unexpectedly in the music as very low notes.