Exporting Ambisonics as Stereo?

Currently working on some ambisonics material, and monitoring through my headphones with VST Ambidecoder in Control Room.

But how do I export a 3rd Order to Stereo headphone mix?

Putting VST AmbiDecoder on the Output bus gives me greyed out output options, so it just seems to pass straight through as 3rd Order. I need to deliver a stereo headphones mix.

Seems as you need to download the (free) IEM Ambisonic Suite, finally! ;-D

IEM Plug-in Suite

… all tools you’ll ever need when working in 1st- or Higher Order Ambisonics.

PS: → Plug-in Descriptions

Shouldn’t I be able to do this with VSTAmbiDecoder, though? I can certainly monitor through in headphone mode, I just can’t export.

did you ever figure this out? wondering the same

Your group “As Main Mix” is “3rd Order Amisonic”: like that Control Room and everything else is fine. You just create an additional stereo group and send @ 0dB. You will find the HRTF going well via AmbiDecoder in the sending law. You will then do the export in binaural for headphones.