Exporting an XML file from Dorico to Sibelius 7.1.3


I was wondering if I notated a score in Dorico and I exported it as an xml file into Sibelius 7.1.3, how accurate will it be.
Is there much tidying up to do?
I ask this because I would like the sequencing and notating capabilities of Dorico, but some of my clients are still using Sibelius, so I have to cater for them.

Thank you Kindly

It really depends on what sort of music you’re notating. The best thing you can do is take a Dorico project that is representative of your work, export it as MusicXML and import into Sibelius, just to find out.

Hi Pianoleo,

I am working with full orchestral scores, chamber music etc, film. My trial version expired unfortunately

Thank you

That’s still not enough information to be able to give you a useful answer. Are you using complex tuplets? Are you using functionality in Dorico that doesn’t exist in Sibelius, like different simultaneous time signatures or key signatures? Are you using custom dynamics or playing techniques?

If you want to upload a zipped, Dorico-produced MusicXML file I’m very happy to open it in Sibelius 2020.1 Ultimate, export a PDF and send that back to you.

Hi Pianoleo,

ok, sorry for the lack of info on my behalf. Yes, I use tuplets, standard dynamics and time signatures, regular articulations like pizz, spicc, portato, accents, con sord. etc…So nothing out of the ordinary

A cursory experiment here indicates that Playing Techniques and some dynamics aren’t exported (“f” works fine, “mf” doesn’t). The list here is now out of date, but if you cross-reference against the list of improvements on page 25 of the most recent Version History then you can see that Dorico’s MusicXML export still has a fair way to go. I don’t know whether Sibelius’s MusicXML import functionality has changed in the past seven years - that’s potentially another consideration.

Let’s put it this way: I loathe transferring music from Sibelius to Dorico or from Dorico to Sibelius, but when clients require it I’ll do it (including the tidying up). There’s absolutely no way that I’ll send MusicXML files directly to the client, whether exported from Sibelius or from Dorico - I can’t expect the client to correct output that I’m theoretically responsible for.