Exporting audio events into separate audio files

Hi all!

I will be doing a large voice over job soon and I will record the voice talents in Cubase. The thing is that the client needs to have all the sentences in small audio files. I will have everything recorded on one long track and dividing it into audio events with the ‘split’ tool.

Is there a way that one can export a whole track in Cubase and make Cubase create each separate audio event as an independent audio file?

This would save me LOADS of time! So I hope some of you have some tips for me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

What about Bounce Selection function?

I see you have Wavelab in your signature. Why not use that to record in, for just one long track? Wavelab is ideal for this job, and saving sections as separate files is really a breeze in it. If you need to use a video cue, I’d still say, record in Cubase and work further with Wavelab.