Exporting audio with different name?

Maybe basic, but I didn’t find an elegant solution.

When I export an audio from my open project, I cannot give the exported file a name, I can only choose a location. So if I had already done an export to my project folder, it will only give me the option to either overwrite the current audio (“Do you want to overwrite the file…”), either to cancel.

If I want to keep my previous exported file, I have to go into Finder to first rename the current one.
Is there a more ergonomic way to do multiple exports over time?

(I do mp3 exports as sort of sound “snapshots” of the work in progress)

At the moment, no. Many users have requested that we provide further functionality in this area, and it’s definitely on our wish list for the future, but I’m afraid we’ve not given it sufficiently high prority to have worked on it ahead of other things thus far.

Thanks for your response Daniel.