Exporting audio with effects not happening


I’m ashamed to say I’m probably having a very simple problem but I can’t see the solution in any searches. I have set up some reverb on the output track of a piece I want to export as an mp3 as a guide track to a live performance. I’m exporting OK but not with any of the effects. I’m using Roomworks SE as an Insert on the Output track, yet it is being exported dry. Any help respectfully received!


Try putting the Roomworks SE plug-in on the Reverb channel rather than the Output channel, and see if that makes any difference. I just tried it for myself and it worked exactly as I would expect.

Hi Daniel. I’m sorry, this is what I mean about being dim - you mean the one that appears when you select FX? That sort of makes sense…(You’re working late by the way!) Thanks, Jeff.

Yes, in the Mixer, the Output channel and the Reverb channel are separate channels, though they are right next to each other at the right-hand side of the Mixer. Dorico puts the Reverence convolution reverb in the first slot in the Reverb channel by default, but if you prefer to use Roomworks SE I’d suggest you simply replace Reverence there.

Ah, I wondered why it was a different plugin. I’m have a listen to decide which one to use as they are both available. I’m afraid I can never keep mixing terminology in my head for long enough between musical activities - if a process, like Compression, IS placed as an insert in the Output channel does it also mean that it will not be exported, or just reverb? I can’t see a Compression track? (Last question, thanks).

I think a plug-in inserted anywhere in the signal chain should be exported, based on my understanding of how things work, but what I can tell you for sure is that plug-ins inserted in the Reverb channel are definitely included when you export audio, and that seems to be the main issue at hand. There’s no compression-specific channel, but Dorico puts some default effects on the Output channel and those are also exported. The advantage of using the Reverb channel is that the amount of signal to send from each track to control the wet/dry mix is easily controlled from the Sends section of each regular instrument output track.

Thanks. My problem was that nothing on the Output channel was exported (using Export/Audio) contrary to what you just said. I am naturally expecting to not have done something correctly, or at all but the exported audio was reverb and possibly compression, free.

Actually, your expectation is right, also effects on the main output shall get exported. Do you still have the original project where it did not happen and are you willing to share it with us? I’d like to see what is happening there. So if available, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Hi Ulf - do you mean the .dorico file? Sure, I can send that.

Be sure to zip it first.