Exporting automation tracks in Cubase Elements 11


I have alot of recurring automation events in my projects. Is it possible to export these automations and load them into other projects?

Another question I have is about the reduction level. In the manual it says that it can be calibrated in the automation panel:


Where can I find this automation panel?

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The Automation track is always linked with the parent track. You cannot export just the automation.

I’m afraid, Cubase Elements doesn’t have the Automation Panel.

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Thank you for clearing things up. Perhaps taking the note regarding the reduction level out of the manual causes less confusion. Or a little disclaimer.

Is there another workaround or will I have to redraw everything new each project? If there is another option to get fine automation (many automation points) drawn that would be a solution as well.

I ask this because I like to introduce a bit of randomness into my plugins, by moving the parameters slightly and quickly up and down.


I’m confused now, it’s mentioned in the Cubase Elements manual. What might be a “bug” in the manual.

If I remember right, the default Key Command is [F6], could you try it? And you should find out on the Project’s window Toolbar.

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yes I was confused as well.

I have a project open and I’m pressing F6 but nothing happens.

It might be a mistake in the manual.


I’m quite sure, the Automation Panel is not part of Cubase Elements. Therefore I expect, it’s a mistake in the manual.

I would like to report the misinformation in the manual. Where can I do that?


I reported it to Steinberg already.

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Thank you very much!