EXPORTING Bit rate: 1411 kbps

This may sound like a dumb question but how do I ensure that the audio file has a bit rate of 1411 kbps when exporting in .wav or FLAC format? I have attached a photo of my export options or is it on another setting? PLEASE help & Thank you.


well… :laughing:

What does it mean by 2 channels? If you look at the attachment I’ve uploaded, is there a setting I haven’t checked? e.g. L/R Channels?

That’s just left and right, or stereo. So you’re taking 44,100 samples per second. Each sample is 16 bits from each of two channels. The total is 1,411,200 bit per second. Divide by 1,000 for kilobits per second = 1411 kbps.

You have to be careful though because FLAC won’t report that bit rate but WAV will. FLAC is lossless compression but I believe the bit rate will report as lower even though the quality is the same. WAV will show as the true bit rate.

Your settings are fine. It looks like you have a stereo mix bus set up. So as long as you don’t force it to mono (via the mono check box) you’re good.