Exporting/bouncing tracks question

So let’s say that I bounce three different drum tracks to one stereo track and bring that stereo track back into Cubase and mute the original three tracks. When I initially bounced those tracks, were the post fader main bus insert effects applied to them? So now the main bus insert effects would be applied effectively TWICE to the new stereo track (Once from the first export, and now, because it is part of the active arrangement, again). Is this right? If yes how do I avoid this? Should I turn off main bus inserts when exporting/bouncing tracks??


Which function exactly did you use? Bounce Selection or Export Audio Mixdown? How was the settings of the Export Audio Mixdown (if you used this one)?

Expert audio mixdown.

Which Cubase do you use? 11 Pro?

Yes it’s right… that’s intended… in this case

If you export tracks you can have different goals… deliver somebody a mixdown of a project, deliver only some tracks for somebody else or reuse combined tracks in a project. This all needs different setting for export.

In your case I suggest to set the exports to “multiple” select the bus you want to export and set the Effects settings to “Inserts and Strip + Groups/Sends”


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Thank you. Yes 11 Pro

There are a few ways to do that.

  1. you can export from the drum track, when you select the track on the export dialog, the signal will be post insert, post fader and post pan but without aux send.
  2. make a group track, route everything you want in the result to the group and export that. This way you can also have aux sends as long as the aux returns are routed to the group.
  3. make other outputs in the F4 audio setup, route tracks you want to the output using direct routing and export the output. This is very handy when you already have a lot of routings like after you’ve done mixing and you want stems. You can keep all the grouping and sends as is and still can export all at the right balance. Once you set connections up, they persist in the project file so you can print stems again later.

Additionally, if you just want to monitor what had exported without going through master inserts, you can use [L]isten bus. Set up listen dim to -inf in the control room and press [L] on the resulting track. This is the way to check mixed down files.