Exporting BUG: silence when exporting groups where first direct out is not selected

Dear forumers,

it seems there’s a pretty serious bug with exporting.

I have a cascade of group layers: i.e. some audio drums tracks go into a group, which goes into a group which goes into a group, pretty basic. Here’s a visual:
Snare → DRM → M DRM → MB B → MIX BUSS.

The group MB B is set as a direct out. At the point I can decide which Bus I want to send the M DRM group to (Main Drums Group): I can choose MB A, or B, or C etc until MB H, which is a great option, love Cubase for that.
The issue comes when trying to export groups (from the “Export Audio Mixdown” window.

Please see first attachment. See the group M DRM? It goes out to MB B

Now, please take a look at the “Export Audio Mixdown” window.
With this option the file I get is complete silence.

It seems that, if the first direct out is not selected you get silence.

Can you please confirm and report to Steinberg?

Hope in a quick fix for that. :slight_smile:

Something similar happens when using Render In Place on Channels using Direct Routing. The Render generates a silent Audio file when anything but the first (top) Routing Slot is selected. It doesn’t matter where the Slots are routed to, just which Slot is active.

Quite annoying.