Exporting C6.5 Tempo Track into Ableton Live? Anyone do it?

Has anyone successfully imported a Cubase tempo track into Ableton? I can of course export a .SMT file (“export tempo track” in cubase), but I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to get the MIDI data from Cubase into Ableton for this purpose.

I know I can just bypass transferring tempo info by using Rewire, but I want to use several of Live’s functions that become disabled when rewire is on. Any thoughts? If the answer is “it can’t be done”, that would be useful to know too. I’m using C6.5 and Ableton 8.

A cross-platform question I know, hopefully I’m posting it in the right place. (Will be asking Ableton as well.)


Aloha A,

A shot in the dark here but wouldn’t a simple ‘Type 0’ MIDI file
carry with it all tempo track info?

If not Type 0 then maybe Type 1.

(hope this helps)