exporting cc7 in midifile

HI everybody,
how can I export cc7 together with a midifile in cubase 7.5?
I have a cubase (all midi) project with a cc7 automation, perfectly running but if I export a midifile and reopen it in cubase or sibelius or quicktime the final main volume fade out doesn’t play…
Any advice would be precious!

Doesn’t play, or hasn’t been re-imported?
If the former, make sure that the receiving instruments are indeed set up to receive CC#7, and if the latter, you probably need to make sure that “Export Automation” is enabled, in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI File>Export Options.

Hi vic,
thank you for answering! :slight_smile:
The “Export Automation” is enabled as in midi preferences as in midifile export window but if I simply record automation on master volume I have no result…
I solved the problem linkin all midi channels and creating a fade, so the automation is in each midi track…
Is there a way to crate a sort of midi master channel?
Thanx again,

You’ve kinda answered your own question :wink:
By “Master volume”, you are referring to the master fader on the Mixer? If so, then that is just the general audio output (and therefore nothing to do with the MIDI data… just the resulting audio of the VST Instruments (and any other audio tracks, of course :wink: ).
Since all MIDI controllers belong to their assigned MIDI channel, the method that you described above is indeed the correct one! :wink:.
(Btw, in Cubase 8.5, we have an extra tool, which is VCA faders, which means that you can assign a VCA fader to several Tracks, including MIDI tracks (or rather, to their faders :wink: ), which will indeed act as a sort of “Master MIDI fader” if you route it to be so :wink: )

yes, really… It took a bit… :unamused:

[semi OT] I see from your signature you’re running cubase 8.5 mavericks is tit correct?[/ot ]

Yes… no problems here :wink:.
(Btw, thanks for reminding me :wink:… I hadn’t updated my Profile in a while.)

You’re welcome :slight_smile: