exporting cd tracks to audio problem

In wavelab 9.0.25 build 599 32 bit on windows 7 32bit

I have a CD style montage, and i want to export the CD tracks (I do this sometimes 20 times a day in W8.5).
A usual I go to render :
in 8.5 I choose regions > CD tracks instead of whole montage, and hit “OK”
in 9 I choose “All CD tracks in group” (seems logical to me) and hit Start and all I get is a Dialog box with :

“you have specified that you want to render regions but there are none in the audio source”
I have looked every option and i see no explanation

Thanks for any light on this

Mark Haliday

(I hope this is the last major redesign of the interface because it is a huge waste of productivity time and frustration to chase where common functions have changed locations…)

CD Track groups is a new concept introduced in WaveLab 9.
If you don’t have any group, then you get the message you report.
But the WaveLab 8.5 is still there, you have to choose “All Regions”.

I hope this is the last major redesign of the interface

No big changes planned. Only refinements here and there.


Thanks, found it, you have to choose regioons and then CD tracks appears…