Exporting clips from 1 track to multiple wave files

I import long field recordings into 1 stereo track in Cubase and chop it up into many clips. I want to be able to select all of the clips in the 1 track and export them all at once with each clip saved as a separate wave file named in chronological order. Is this possible with Cubase 7 Elements? If not, is there any free or cheap program that I could get that can normalize audio and then export this way?

In Cubase I think you can do this in Project Logical Editor.

In Elements, I would look at the Pool instead of the track.
If you select Events there is an option to Select in Pool or similar
If doing edits, you might have to freeze these edits before saving(operation called Freeze Edits).
Not 100% sure if splits are making separate files, but they should to my understanding.
But surely more manual work when naming etc.