Exporting cubase midifile into protools 8

I’ve recently done a cover of an old standard song as a midifile in cubase 6 and a friend of mine would like to use it in his act. The only problem is, he wasn’t wise enough ( many years ago ! ) and DIDN’T buy Cubase. He now runs protools 8. Is it just a simple matter of me sending the song as a midifile to him and he imports it into his system as a midifile … or is there a bit more to it than that ?

If you send him the midi data that’s all he gets: midi data. That means the instruments you used are not transferred, as are effects, EQ etc.

Yep, I realise that …its in GM at the moment, just wondered if there was a bit more to it ?

When he imports the MIDI file into Pro Tools, he will have the option to also import the tempo map.

If he is going to use an external GM sound module, or a virtual GM instrument, then that should be it.

But if he is going to use the Pro Tools virtual instruments and mix the track himself -
It would be best for him to open each MIDI track in the Pro Tools MIDI Event List and delete any MIDI volume, pan commands, etc. otherwise the mixer’s controls will reset to those levels every time the song is played.

If he doesn’t have GM sounds available and you want his version to sound very similar to yours -
You could also send an audio track of the song so that he can match his Pro Tools instruments as closely as possible to the GM sounds.

Thanks for that info. I think we have come up with a solution… He has an old Roland xp somewhere and I have a jv 2080 so we are going to transfer midifiles between the two.