Exporting cubasis files to cubase

I tried to get files from my ipad to my desktop using the importer download. First, I did a mixdown on cubasis. Every time i tried to open it in Cubase it said the file wasn’t supported. Has anyone done this sucessfully?

hi jffj,

we’ll need some additional info to get an idea of the issue.
Which version of Cubase, Cubasis and the importer are you using? Which file format do you choose?

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I did it and it wasn’t a problem although that was a few versions ago and I only did it once. It was on a MBP 2011

I’m using the new Cubase Elements7. I downloaded the importer this week; so I think it’s current. I tried all of the file formats, nothing worked.


and Steinberg sold thingns than now work???

You had to .zip your projekt!

I use cubasis for about a year. Actually I pick up the LE7 with an update to Elements 7.
So my first issue was to import my cubasis projects.

As you mentioned, you need the Cubasis Project Importer.


  • .zip your project with cubasis
  • transfer the .zip to your PC or Mac (Wlan or iTunes)
  • unzip it to your file system
    now you got an .cbp and an audio folder
  • with the Cubasis Project Importer you got an option > File > Import > Cubasis
  • import the .cbp


Hi there,

you find the instructions to export to Cubase in the program help in the section “MediaBay”.