Exporting Cubasis Projects as a backup strategy?

I’m new all this, but as my iPad Air was melting down yesterday, I was able to export all my Cubasis projects thinking, obviously, that I would simply be able to re-import them once the replacement iPad was up and running. Not so, as I see from this forum, only as a means to feed Cubase, for which I have no interest in at this time.
So, are these exported projects any help to me? What strategies for Cubasis project recovery do people have in the event of a terminal iPad death?

You could use the build in wifi server.

They’re not only for export. You can access them from the Dropbox app and choose “open in cubasis”. The project will import smooth no issues

Cubasis provides several options to backup projects (iTunes, Wi-Fi, Dropbox etc.).
Please find all of them described in the In-App help of Cubasis.

I’d suggest to choose iTunes for regular project / file backups.

  • Connect your iPad device with the computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Click the “iPad” button from the top menu
  • Choose “Apps” in the following window
  • In “Apps” view scroll down to “File Sharing” and select “Cubasis”
  • Afterwards all Cubasis related documents will appear to the right
  • Drag & drop the “Projects” folder to the desktop to create a backup of all your projects
  • To create a backup of all files all it takes is to drag & drop all of the folders…

To transfer files from the computer back to Cubasis simply drag the desired files to the “Cubasis Documents” folder in iTunes.