Exporting different versions etc

So, with all these new features, it cant for example export a mix such as one without bass, and put it in a queue, then add a mix without vocals and put that in the queue, etc?

Also, if i want to export stems with inserts but without pan and fader, i cant do that…? And if i have different mixes using snapshots in the mixconsole, i cant export those using the queue in the export window either?

For all these examples, I still have to do this manually or am i missing the way of using the export queue…? Hj

Not sure why you’d need that level of flexibility, but I think you may want to look into how you use routing.

For us in post production (sound to picture basically) we always export multiple versions and we always accomplish that by using different signal paths. So in your case you’d have your mix go to a master but you could duplicate the signal path at some point but exclude bass and send it to a different output that isn’t connected to anything in hardware. Then export both the main output and that “minus bass” output and Bob’s your uncle.

Possibly similar solutions to the other requests.

Also make use of automation. You can automate everything and copy-paste that version to a later point in the timeline where you do an alt version by changing the automation. Then use cycle markers for each version.

Thanks for taking time to reply.

The question came after a session where a band wanted to record their parts in their own studio and needed a mix of the music where each musician could fill in the parts they play, and then send me the files, if that makes sense. I guess i could make multiple outputs to achieve that, but didnt think of that solution.

The second question was because i wanted to export the files, such as guitars and others, with the right sounds from the insert but without the fader position… (optimum level, not mix level).

All this is easy to do manually of course, i just wondered if the queue in the export window had these abilities.